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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cisco CME fax to email

Recently I’ve been working to test out inbound fax service on a Cisco voice gateway to have the gateway actually receive the fax and then email it to whoever it needs to go to. Go green right? Anyway I followed several articles that made it seem really easy. I followed the steps and it looked like I set it up right but the gateway would never pickup the call. I dug for a while with no help until I finally found a small little pdf on configuring an UC500. It had one little line that said after configuring the application to save the config and reboot the router…… well that didn’t make sense I’ve hardly ever have had to reboot a router for something to take effect. Anyway I was like sure why not so I did and voila! It worked. The article mentioned the reload was necessary to load the application into memory. Ok whatever but it fixed it. Anyway below is a link to the u500.com site that has tons of great articles that also apply to CME. And also is my config I used to setup fax to email on this voice gateway. The hardware is a Cisco 2921, IOS ver 15.1(3)T, cme ver 8.5

voice service voip
 fax protocol t38 version 0 ls-redundancy 0 hs-redundancy 0 fallback none
fax interface-type fax-mail
mta send server port 25
mta send subject FAX -
mta send with-subject $s$
mta send filename faxsvr date
mta send postmaster faxes@domain.local
mta send mail-from hostname lib-cme.domain.local
 service onramp flash:app_faxmail_onramp.
dial-peer voice 5001 mmoip
 service fax_on_vfc_onramp_app out-bound
 destination-pattern 1234567890
 information-type fax
 session target mailto:1234567890@domain.com
dial-peer voice 5000 pots
 service onramp
 incoming called-number 1234567890

again what fixed it for me was to wri the config and then reload it. also my telco passes all ten digits to me over the PRI. hope this helps!


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